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Our Fleet

Transbesouro strives to be at the forefront of technology in the automotive sector both on a comfort level for their employees, as well as in the reliability of the transportation of their customer's goods following a perspective of sustainable development.

In order to provide the best service for our customers we aim to meet the following concepts:

  • A modern fleet, renewed periodically, with the vehicles doing regular international routes never exceeding 5 years of service
  • Maintenance and repairs by the original sales garage. Constructed equipment made to legal specified standards and procedures.
  • Trucks with engines EURO 4 and EURO 5

Transbesouro has at its disposal an entire fleet of light and heavy vehicles and semi-trailers which allows to perform transportation services and specialized transportation in goods as distinct as plants, flowers, fruit transport, boat transport, general merchandise, refrigerated transport and oversized loads throughout Europe.

Contact us and meet our transport solutions and logistics.